Vinyl Fence Installation

Opt for the unbeatable combination of durability and low maintenance with our vinyl fences, ideal for tackling unpredictable Idaho weather. At Rocky Mountain Fence Company, each vinyl fence is meticulously crafted to the highest standards, utilizing the finest materials available.

This commitment ensures that your family or business not only enjoys a long-lasting fence but also receives the utmost value and return on your investment. Choose vinyl for a fence that stands strong against the elements, giving you peace of mind and a lasting impression.

Vinyl Fencing Options

Low-Maintenance fencing

Vinyl Fence Installation

Explore the diverse world of vinyl fences, available in an extensive array of styles and complemented by decorative post caps. What sets vinyl apart is its low-maintenance nature—no need for repainting. Resilient and robust, this material resists warping, splintering, rotting, splitting, or blistering, unlike wood fence. Cleaning is a breeze; a simple sponge and hose (or pressure washer) can easily remove dirt.

While the upfront cost of vinyl fencing might be higher, its extended performance life and minimal maintenance requirements make it a compelling choice that ultimately proves more cost-effective. Embrace the durability, versatility, and ease of care that vinyl fences bring to your outdoor space.

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Exciting news! Rocky Mountain Fence of Idaho has partnered with Acorn Finance to offer you hassle-free financing options for your projects. With Acorn Finance, securing financing is quick, transparent, and won’t affect your credit score. Explore affordable payment plans within minutes and get pre-qualified for loans up to $100,000. At Rocky Mountain Fence of Idaho, we’re here to support your project goals every step of the way.

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Rocky Mountain Fence's Vinyl Fence Installations

Rocky Mountain Fence Company’s carefully selected vinyl fence systems provide beauty, durability, and privacy with the added benefit of little to no yearly maintenance. We offer a wide array of styles, colors, textures, and sizes, making it easy to create a look that compliments both your landscaping and your lifestyle.