Gate & Fence Repair or Replacement Service

Require repairs or replacement for your gate or fence? Hoping to maintain privacy and safety without breaking the bank in the interim? No worries! Rocky Mountain Fence provides expert fence repair, replacement, and temporary solutions to keep your fence standing strong. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you—request a quote or give us a call today!

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Fence Services

Fence Repairs

Fed up with the sight of a worn-out fence? Battling with a stubborn gate every time it swings open? Stop forcing yourself to struggle and reach out to Rocky Mountain Fence! Whether you need temporary repairs for your existing fence or gate or are contemplating a full replacement, we’ve got you covered. 

Our team can guide you through the process, presenting you with what may be the best option for your situation. Is a new fence not in the budget at this time? We can help! We can extend the life of your fence by driving steel posts and reattaching your fence to a solid post. THIS IS NOT A PERMANENT SOLUTION for a fence in need of replacement. This is a method to extend the life of a wood fence until it can be replaced.

We also offer wood staining services

Fence Sealing & Staining

Did you know that when we say something is “organic,” it means it was or is a living organism? It’s not just about veggies in the grocery store—it applies to wood fencing too! Our wood fences are sourced from living trees, making them technically organic. But, once those trees are turned into beautiful wood features like pickets, beams, trim, and rails, they’re not living anymore. That’s when nature kicks in, and your wood fence starts its natural recycling journey, thanks to factors like weather, insects, and plant growth.

But worry not! At Rocky Mountain Fence of Idaho, we’ve got your back with our wood staining services. Our stain and seal service not only extends the life of your fence but also adds a touch of beauty. We offer various stain colors to jazz up your fence and protect it from the elements. Spruce up your home’s curb appeal—get a quote online now, and let’s keep your wood fence looking fantastic!

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