Professional Seal & Wood Stain Service

Shield your fence or wooden deck from the elements with precision and expertise. At Rocky Mountain Fence, we provide top-tier Expert Professional Wood Care Stain & Seal services. Beyond crafting a stunning wood fence, we specialize in staining and sealing your wooden structures. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures heightened performance, increased value, and a boost in curb appeal for your property. Trust us to not only build beauty but to safeguard and elevate the longevity of your wooden investments.

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Add Years to Your Fence or Deck With

Expert Wood Stain & Seal Service

You’ve spent thousands on your new fence and deck. Unfortunately, your beautiful deck and fence are never sheltered from the harsh weather. Rain, snow, ice, heat, insects, and harmful UV rays are a brutal force. These elements work hard to discolor, warp, and accelerate the deterioration of your fence and deck.

Typical deck stains and sealers contain low-quality paint pigments which require carcinogenic solvents. These solvent chemicals reduce pigment life causing your finish to fade faster. They are also harmful to the environment, your family’s health, and the health of your pets. Not to mention the mess they can make!

Now there’s a better and safer way to protect your fence and deck. Rocky Mountain Fence Company offers wood stain and seal options that are eco-friendly, low-VOC stains. Our stain and seal doesn’t “gas off” in your backyard, so your family and pets are safe. Our stains provide a superior level of protection without harmful side effects.

Bring Your Fence To Life!

Expert Results

Revitalize your wood fence, whether it’s a recent addition or showing signs of wear, with our rejuvenating Expert Stain & Seal application! The Rocky Mountain Fence team takes absolute pride in the restoration process by cleaning your fence, eliminating dirt and buildup, and also preventing destructive fungus growth.

We take care to only use the safest and most innovative woods stain & seal on the market: the renowned EXPERT Stain & Seal products, providing protection and adding years of life to your wood fence or deck. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also serves as a robust protective measure against the rigors of environmental conditions, ensuring your fence delivers maximum performance. Trust Rocky Mountain Fence of Idaho to breathe new life into your fence, making it a resilient and eye-catching asset for your property.

Stain & Seal Colors

Please note that colors may appear differently based on your screen color settings. Application colors can vary based on wood type, age, and other factors.

Transparent Colors






Semi-Transparent Colors






Semi-Solid Colors




Cape Cod Grey





Slate Grey


Log & Timber: Semi-Solid



Dark Oak





Dark Oak



A Real Smart, Safe Choice

Expect real performance year after year. EXPERT Stain & Seal is designed for long-lasting, beautiful protection. Our proprietary blend of premium-quality oils and pigments uses fewer toxins, providing a deep penetrating protection resulting in ultra-low VOCs and lower, long-term gas-off levels.

Extend wood’s life and beauty effortlessly with EXPERT Stain & Seal.

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